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The Green Office is Maastricht University’s student-driven sustainability department. As such, it coordinates and initiates ecological, social, and economic sustainability projects at Maastricht University, by empowering students and staff members.

The Green Office promotes sustainability as a topic of active concern among students, staff and faculties, and advances a self-perpetuating process of organizational transition towards a greener campus.

Meet our team

Mercedes Quammie

Reporting and Assessment


Camilo Straatsma

Education Coordinator


Stefania Barzeva

Research Coordinator

green office veronika

Veronika Komarova


anna v

Anna Vasylyeva

Strategy Coordinator


Felicia Creţu

Operation Coordinator – Technology 


Anna Roberto

PR & Community Coordinator


Matthew Neary

Operations Coordinator – Logistics

What others say about us

Lioba Martin – Human Resources Manager Enactus Maastricht University

“Apart from sustainability, the Green Academy helped me to gain a better understanding of team dynamics, time management and project management. The input I received from the workshops is very useful for my student organisation but also for me personally. However, the most valuable that I took home with me were the inspiring insights I gained and the personal pieces of advice I received from the different workshop presenters.
I can only recommend the Green Academy to other student organisations. It is a very useful series of workshops that provides you with much theoretical information and many practical skills that you can apply in your organisational work and that will help you to improve your performance.”


Green Academy

Luin Peters

Luin Peters – Treasurer & Project Leader Enactus Zuyd Maastricht

“During the workshops I also got into contact with enthusiastic and interesting people from different other organisations which already paid off in form of inspiring a new project. To my own surprise, my favourite workshop was a very thoughtful and interesting one about time management that really got me rethink my way of engaging the less fun topics on my daily agenda and I wish everyone with stuffed agendas could get the opportunity to take part in such a workshop and in general everyone part of a organization as ours to get the opportunity to take part in the green academy.”


Green Academy


Position Vacancy

Project coordinator in the Operations Portfolio Vacancy (14h paid position, 12 months minimum) The Green Office is a student-run sustainability department of Maastricht University established in 2010. We work in the portfolios of Governance, Operations, Research, Education and Community. Governance relates to the university’s strategy and policy towards sustainability as well as the governance of the Green Office itself. The operations portfolio aims at reducing the direct negative ecological and social footprint of the university. Research aims at promoting research…

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Green Office kicks off the academic year with the event: ‘How can we measure sustainability?’

Last week Green Office hosted a subsidiary event of the International Conference on Sustainable Development at the Maastricht University Law Faculty, our first event of the academic year, and a highly successful one at that! A packed house listened to presentations from staff and researchers working on sustainability with UM and watched a livestream of the ICSD conference from New York. Maastricht was one of four cities in Europe (one of 18 worldwide) that hosted such an event. Attendees were…

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The Green Office’s Sustainability Map

Maastricht is a small city, a transit city, a city in which many things happen and yet everything stays the same – and Maastricht is home to many students who come here to develop themselves into professionals of all kind. Yet, these people who come and go do not just make an impact on themselves while living in this city, they also have an impact on the city itself, the environment and the community that they find their home in – be…

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The Sustain+GO Course Manual 2016! – apply now!

Are you curious about sustainability? Have you taken a class before but feel like you still don’t see the bigger picture? Then SUSTAIN + GO is the course for you! This course offers students from all faculties a chance to participate in UM’s first ever student-run sustainability course. Students are empowered to choose the topics they are most interested in exploring further, and work in a learning team to drive their own learning process. The course fuses theory and practice…

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UM Recycling: How to get it right?

Recycling can be tricky, especially here at UM, where products are “lying”. You know that ‘recycable’ coffee cup? Well, it’s actually not that recycable. The cup is PE coated, simply meaning it is coated with a plastic component. And plastic cannot be recycled together with paper. So…That’s why the university is striving to establish mono-packaging for its products. Mono-packaging means made of one component, which makes it ready to be recycled right away. That is why, one has to be…

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We’ve Joined

On behalf of the French COP21 Presidency and the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership the Maastricht University got acknowledged for their signature underneath the Paris Pledge for Action! The pledge demonstrates that non-state actors are ready to play their part to support the objectives of the Paris Agreement. By joining the pledge, businesses, cities, civil society groups, investors, regions, trade unions and other signatories promise to ensure that the ambition set out by the Paris Agreement is met or exceeded to limit global temperature…

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Meeting of Minds

Author: Sandrina Burkhardt – On When?day the 13th of January the Green Office kicked off the new year with it’s first Sandbox Meeting, recapturing COP21. The Sandbox Meetings are getting-togethers of like-minded people in order to speak about ‘What we have’ and ‘What we need’ in Maastricht in order to make our city more sustainable. Every two weeks a new topic stands in the centre of attention, focusing on either of these themes and aiming to stimulate discussion and thought on…

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The Way Forward

Folks, our January Newsletter is out and is giving you a little glimpse into our Governance Portfolio as well as our latest campaign ‘Kick Da Bin’. Until recently, the Inner City Library was the only UM building equipped with recycling bins. But now, after two years of hard work and sustainable sweat, a UM Wide Recycling Project started, which aims at introducing recycling bins in around 35 buildings by summer 2016. Waste separation is now operating, since the 23rd of December 2015…

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During our CompassionateXmaas Campaign and in the light of the COP21 kick-off in Paris the Green Office Community hit the streets of Maastricht. Many familiar supporters but also citizens and Climate Activists from the region joined us for our city activation but also for the various other workshops we organised.  It was amazing to see how many different parties got together, not just from the UM but also outside the walls of our university in order to spread the word and the common…

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