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Anselm T. Grahl

Reporting and Assessment


Einav Bloom

Education Coordinator


Lola Nacke

Research Coordinator


Veronika Komarova


daniel copy

Daniel Reimers



Felicia Creţu

Operation Coordinator – Technology 


Sandrina Burkhardt

PR & Community Coordinator


Alizé Huberlant

Operation Coordinator – Logistics

What others say about us

Lioba Martin – Human Resources Manager Enactus Maastricht University

“Apart from sustainability, the Green Academy helped me to gain a better understanding of team dynamics, time management and project management. The input I received from the workshops is very useful for my student organisation but also for me personally. However, the most valuable that I took home with me were the inspiring insights I gained and the personal pieces of advice I received from the different workshop presenters.
I can only recommend the Green Academy to other student organisations. It is a very useful series of workshops that provides you with much theoretical information and many practical skills that you can apply in your organisational work and that will help you to improve your performance.”


Green Academy

Luin Peters

Luin Peters – Treasurer & Project Leader Enactus Zuyd Maastricht

“During the workshops I also got into contact with enthusiastic and interesting people from different other organisations which already paid off in form of inspiring a new project. To my own surprise, my favourite workshop was a very thoughtful and interesting one about time management that really got me rethink my way of engaging the less fun topics on my daily agenda and I wish everyone with stuffed agendas could get the opportunity to take part in such a workshop and in general everyone part of a organization as ours to get the opportunity to take part in the green academy.”


Green Academy

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